Free Basic Color Palettes

There are so many beautiful colors in the world!  We know it can be difficult to pick only a few.

So, we've decided to do the hard work for you. 

Periodically, we'll be sharing perfectly curated collections of colors to inspire your monthly layouts, sticker kit designs, and journals.  To get you started, we've uploaded 4 Basic Color Palettes to the printables section of the website free for download.  They include "Basic Rainbow", "Pastels", "Skin Tones", and "Grayscale".


The Basic Rainbow set is great for providing consistency among all your designs.  Instead of always grabbing a random red (or orange, or yellow...), use the same basic set of colors to achieve consistency among your sheets.  Use the set as is, or modify it to create your own perfect rainbow.  

TIP: Remember to always print your color palettes before designing too many things!  Printers are not capable of producing as many colors as are visible on the computer screen, so you should always print your palettes to ensure they are exactly as you'd like them to be!

Basic Rainbow color palette


The Pastels palette is soft, without being too light for text on top.

Pastel color palette


The Skin Tones palette contains 7 skin tones from a super fair complexion all the way down to a beautiful dark brown. 

TIP: Selecting skin tones can be tricky, because generally you cannot just increment the lightness/darkness of a brown color;  Doing so results in colors that are not saturated enough and ultimately appear a bit too muted and lifeless.  To keep your tones vibrant and rich, either select completely new colors for each tone, or in addition to incrementing the lightness/darkness, also increase the saturation.

Skin Tones color palette


The Grayscale color palette only contains 4 simple colors, but feel free to add more!

TIP: When printing designs with large patches of black, you may want to consider using a "really dark gray" instead of a true solid black.  Some printers (especially laser printers) really cake on the toner/ink, which can sometimes look a bit too harsh.  The black used in this palette is actually a dark gray!

Grayscale color palette


Hope you enjoy these starter color palettes and we look forward to bringing you more inspiration in the future!